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New Project - 2024 Women's Wellness Clinic - BPW St. Kitts
Project News · April 12, 2024
Bring awareness re services offered to women by health centres in St. Kitts-Nevis. Encourage medical screening/consultations as preventative measures.

New Project - St. Kitt Senior's Foot Care Clinic - BPW St. Kitts
Project News · April 12, 2024
To achieve healthier lives and greater well-being for the elderly in St Kitts and Nevis.

New Project - Empowering Girls Through Education and Skill Development - BPW Pakistan
Project News · April 12, 2024
Provide education opportunities to girls of deprived families and those living in low lying ateas.

New Project - Women and Human Rights in the Mediterranean - BPW Italy
Project News · April 12, 2024
The goal it’s to share ideas and projects with FIDAPA (Italian BPW) women to improve the application of Human Rights in the Mediterranean.

New Project - Job Readiness Workshop - BPW St. Kitts
Project News · April 10, 2024
The goal is to prepare individuals for entering the work force by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to help secure employment.

New Project - Violences basées sur le genre - BPW Burkina Faso
Project News · April 09, 2024
Contribute to the fight against GBV and to the holistic care of victims and survivors in the eastern region of Burkina Faso.

New Project - Concours Educatif "Filles Sciences" - BPW Dakar, Senegal
Project News · January 16, 2024
The objective of the competition is to strengthen girls' skills in Mathematics and French and attract them to scientific fields.

New Project - BPW Japan UN CSW Internship - BPW Japan
Project News · December 30, 2023
The project aims to develop young women’s abilities and network in solving various problems in the international society including gender issues.

Project News · December 15, 2023
To eradicate period poverty both within the US and globally through education, advocacy, and period product drives.

Project News · December 13, 2023
To focus on aligning the organization's Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Core Values with the BPW International strategic plan as well as SDG Goals.

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