Report - Task Force Twinning 2017-2020 with addendum 2021-2024

Report BPW International Twinning Task Force - Triennium 2017-2020

My extraordinary adventure as a member first and Chair of the Twinning Task Force later, started many, many years ago.

When I was appointed as a member for the first time, the Chair of the Task Force was the Australian Vivian Hazel. I have to thank her for her encouragement and support.

From then on, a lot of twinnings were organized and each twinning represented, not only for me but for the Clubs and all the members involved, a moment of cultural, social and economic growth.  


Organizing Twinnings often involved the Institutions paving the way for future commercial exchange.

From then on the Twinning Task Force has been always present with a workshop or a conference in every European and International Congress giving rise to great interest and participation. We are proud also to say that just from some Twinning between Pola (Croatia) and Fidapa BPW Italy Clubs was born the AdrionNet - Networking of Business and Professional women in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea area.

I have been lucky, too, because I’ve had the help of some members of the Twinning Task Force, above all, Mariella Pastoressa. Thank you so much.

The aim of the Twinning Task Force is to put in contact women belonging to different Clubs living in different nations in order to improve the knowledge of each another, to exchange ideas, experiences and the opportunity of work.  

In the Triennium 2017-2020 we worked on the theme

Empowering Women to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.


Convinced that all together we can reach the stars (as our Founder said) we have cooperated with other Committees and Task Forces such as Art and Culture, Projects, Health and so on.


The BPW International Twinning Task Force has promoted so many Twinnings all around the world that it isn’t possible to list them in just one page, and therefore, I am trying to mention only some during this triennium:


BPW Thessaloniki (Greece) and BPW Larnaka-Famagusta (Cyprus)

Fidapa BPW Bitonto (Italy) and BPW La Valletta (Malta)


BPW Wellington (NZ) and BPW Hong Kong (China)

Fidapa BPW Lucca (Italy) and BPW Paris (France)

BPW Houston (USA) and Fidapa BPW Rome (Italy)

Fidapa BPW Casarano (Italy) and BPW Praha Czek  (Republic)


BPW Beirut Lebanon & BPW Cyprus 

Fidapa BPW Penisola Sorrentina (Italy) and BPW Limassol (Cyprus)

Fidapa BPW Battipaglia (Italy) and BPW Athens (Greece) 

BPW Berlin (Germany) and Fidapa BPW Campobello di Licata (Italy) 

BPW Pola (Croatia) and Fidapa BPW Bagheria (Italy)

Fidapa BPW Bari (Italy) and BPW Pola (Croatia)

2020 (Pandemic)

BPW Denver Club (USA) and BPW Hawera (New Zealand) 

Budhanilkantha Chapter (Nepal) and BPW Phuket (Thailand)

During the first step of the Twinnings between Fidapa BPW Bagheria and Pula and Fidapa BPW Bari and BPW Pola, in Pola, a preparatory agreement for future twinnings was signed and the foundation laid for the “Project BPW Adrion Net”, which was formalized during the twinning between Pola and Bari in Bari and now it is a new reality and an opportunity for women entrepreneurs.

Among the many other Twinnings, only to give an idea how clubs are interested in twinnings, we remember the Twinning between BPW Malta and Fidapa BPW Bitonto in Malta; the Twinning between BPW Thessaloniki Greece and BPW Larnaca Cyprus, the Twinning between Fidapa BPW Battipaglia and BPW Athens formalized in Athens and many others such as: 

BPW Taiwan Tien Yuan (Taiwan) with BPW Colombo (Sri Lanka); BPW Taipei II (Taiwan) with BPW Kyoto (Japan); BPW Taipei III (Taiwan) with BPW Seoul (Korea); BPW Kaohsiung III (Taiwan) with BPW Incheon (Korea); BPW Osaka (Japan) with BPW Taoyuan (Taiwan); BPW Samutprakarn (Thailand) with BPW Taoyuan Boya (Taiwan); BPW Taoyuan (Taiwan) with BPW Metropolitan Manila (Philippines); BPW Great Taichung (Taiwan) with BPW Kitakyushu (Japan).

Despite the terrible period characterized by Corona Virus, many other Twinnings have been organized and formalized, most of them, of course, online.

And now in the new triennium 2021-2024

BPW Tirol and BPW Mangfalltal (Germany)

Fidapa BPW Modica (Italy) and BPW Ticino (Switzerland)

Fidapa BPW Empoli – Trieste (Italy) and Berlin (Germany)

Fidapa BPW Nola (Italy) and BPW Barcelona (Spain) (1st step)

Fidapa BPW Tolfa (Italy)and BPW Galway (Ireland) (1st step)

Fidapa BPW Gravina (Italy) and Nicosia (Cyprus) (in progress)

Fidapa BPW Montecatini (Italy) and Montreal (Canada) (in progress)

BPW Korea Gwangiu and BPW New Brilliant Club (in progress)

I am concluding my report proud to relate that Twinnings create relationships which last for years as Rita Volgger writes about the twinning between Salzburg and Burghausen:

Our twinning is still going on. So, we proudly attach here to our report of September 2017 illustrating five years of friendship and intensive cooperation…”

Nellina Basile

Chair BPW International Twinning Task Force

Report as pdf