Task Force Mentoring - Report 2017-2020

Mentoring Task Force's Report 

by Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli, BPW Italy

We know that BPW Europe has a fund with a balance of 700 Euros for Mentoring but this money is not available for our International Task Force. To overcome the Covid problem, Katia Reda and I have done many conference calls and meetings in particular with Géraldine Crevat (Leader of BPW International Mobility Member Project and Leader of BPW INTERCONTINENTAL Online Meetings Member Project) and by Messenger. We are proud to tell you that in many Countries BPW Clubs have developed a Mentoring Program.

We can name some of them :

  • Canada,
  • United States,
  • France,
  • Switzerland,
  • Nepal,
  • Turkey,
  • Spain,
  • Austria and others.

Katia and I have created a Facebook page : BPW International Mentoring Program where we update and share all the information received by the countries. We have verified they have created new programs in accordance with the official one and this is possible because the job, the experience and the tools are different now. We all have changed our type of work and the way we work. That’s why we have to continue our work for Mentoring using the internet and social networks.


BPW INTERNATIONAL Business & Professional Women International Mentoring Task Force Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli Chair Mentoring Task-Force BPW International,

8, Viale Roma 36100 Vicenza Italy


Skype: gruppopetruzzelli


Continuing with these and other planned contacts can give us better results than before. So the proper procedure we can suggest is:

  1. to follow the international guide lines
  2. to create a program suitable for the local situation
  3. to share experience among all the Clubs and Federations
  4. to create events online and by social media

The results can be:

  1. more mentoring programs
  2. more visibility for all BPW Members
  3. a new mentoring program within the official one because all BPW Members need to share their experience.

We hope we will always have your support and advice for our future activities.


Report 2017-2020 / Workbook 2021, p. 60