Call to Action - Resource Guide Project from SC Development, Training & Employment

Now, I have always believed that women are not victims; we are agents of change, we are drivers of progress, we are makers of peace – all we need is a fighting chance. (Hillary Clinton)

SC Development, Training and Employment – Call to Action

BPW-International is an organization rich in talent and resources, but there is no centralized resource guide to help individuals and clubs/federations locate resources to develop and enhance personal and business skills.


The Development, Training and Employment Standing Committee Team (DTE SC) has been working on creating a centralized resource guide listing trainings, programs/ courses/ workshops in the BPW Worldwide community to be placed on the BPW International website. This resource guide was developed collaboratively by Development, Training and Employment Standing Committee Team. This valuable tool speaks to BPW’s triennium theme New Actions Through Cooperation and to the DTE SC Team’s Mission/Purpose: To provide a platform to broaden our members’ knowledge, skills, and alliances.

This resource guide will list club and federation trainings, programs/ courses/ workshops, not individual’s personal business or training programs. Personal information should be listed in the BPW Directory.


We are pleased to share the linked Resource Guide form and a completed sample form to demonstrate the ease and user friendliness.  


We believe this BPW Development, Training and Employment Team Resource Guide will help our members locate the resources needed to develop the skills and mindset for a fighting chance to move the world forward. Let's make it happen together.


Call To Action

We urge you, as a call to action, to complete the form or have a member or your team complete the form via the link today and click on submit. > Link

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and engagement.


BPW-International's SC Development, Training & Engagement Team, Chair Francesca Burack