bpw.webinars Video - The Future of Work for Women in the 21st Century

19 April 2023

The Future of Work for Women in the 21st Century


A bpw.webinar with Francesca Burack, Chair, and Team

SC Development, Training, Employment

with the panelists:

  • Ana Duarte McCarthy
  • Dr. Shyama Venkateswar
  • Larisa B. Miller

In English

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Join Francesca Burack, Ana Duarte McCarty, Shyama Venkateswar and Larisa Miller, for "The Future of Work for Women in the 21st Century".

We can agree that the everchanging work environment creates challenges for all of us.

How does the business world look today and what is shaping the businesses of the future? Where are the opportunities for women in the business world and how can women prepare themselves for the future workplace?

What does diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) really mean in the workplace and why are they important? What are the implications of technology and how to prepare for its constant change which greatly influences how we will work in the future? These are the topics that our distinguished panel will answer and discuss.