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Meet and Greet - BPW UK and the International Board
President's Messages · October 19, 2022
Part of the International Executive in London for the Handover Process

Meeting of the Executive - Eufemia Ippolito
Finance News · October 17, 2022
Dr. Eufemia Ippolito, Executive Finance Officer, is guided also by the International Theme in her work for BPW International.

bpw.webinars - Video "Financial & Dues Policies"
bpw.webinar News · September 14, 2022
Finance & Dues Policies, with Eufemia Ippolito, BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2021-2024. Webinar in English. Link to YouTube Video.

bpw.webinars - "Financial & Dues Policies" - Register now
bpw.webinar News · September 02, 2022
Register now: BPW International Financial & Dues Policies - 7 September 2022, 16:00h CET (UTC+2)

The Finances of BPW International
Finance News · August 09, 2022
Management information from EFO: At the end of June 2022, as per Procedure Manual 2.3.6, the Statements and Independent Auditor's Report for the Years ended December 31, 2021, were sent to the International Board.

bpw.webinar postponed - "Financial & Dues Policies"
bpw.webinar News · June 08, 2022
This webinar had to be postponed to 7 September 2022, 16:00 h CET (UTC+2)

Meeting with District Centro in Orvieto
President's Messages · May 10, 2022
Cosa significa aderire alla Federazione Internazionale BPW? With the Members of the Executive Catherine Bosshart (President), Giuseppina Seidita (VP Membership) and Eufemia Ippolito (EFO)