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Message Young BPW International Representative
Young BPW News · June 29, 2021
A call for cooperation Triennium Theme: New actions through cooperation At this point in time The world needs us, The dream of our founder, Dr Lena Medason Philip For equality, peace, justice and empowerment Holds a pillar in our hearts. We are here now, Held together by a cord that connects us all Which is making a mark, a positive impact on our world And being a part of something much greater than us. Some of us may have been here by accident, or by acquaintances or purpose. Some of us, by...

Message Regional Coordinator North America & The Caribbean
I am delighted to serve as the Regional Coordinator for North America and The Caribbean once more, this time under the theme New Actions Through Cooperation. As the only candidate on the Executive, nominated from the floor, I feel extremely honoured and humbled by the confidence placed in me by my region who nominated and all those who voted for me. Thanks for the regional and international support. I hereby pledge to do my part in ensuring that BPW International takes the right path from the...

Message Regional Coordinator Africa
Africa News · April 15, 2021
Message from Regional Coordinator Africa - Hadia M. Gondji, Ethiopia

Membership News · April 15, 2021
It is a great pleasure for me to serve BPW International as Vice President Membership. For us the members are the priority and the core of the organization. Our organization was founded more than 90 years ago by Lena Madesin Phillips and draws its strength from the training of its members, its tradition of its commitment to dealing with serious issues. BPW International represents women in business and decision-making in about 100 countries and five regions. All members have a duty to actively...

Europe News · April 15, 2021
My homeland is Estonia, a lovely seaside country in North-East of Europe with innovative mind and creative people. I am the member of BPW Estonia since 2002 and have been the President of my local Tallinn Club for three years and the President of BPW Estonia 2015-2018. My first connection with BPW was through the BPW European Conference that took place in Tallinn Estonia in 2000. I was involved as a young help to host different delegations who arrived to the Conference. Since then I have been a...

Message of the New BPW International President
President's Messages · March 30, 2021
BPW International XXX General Assembly - March 30, 2021 Message of the BPW International President