Directory Promotion & Support Team

A benefit for you: The new Directory Promotion & Support Team will assist with your bpw.directory registration.

To facilitate your Directory registration a «Directory Promotion & Support Team» has been created, lists will be published on the website in the near future.


The Federations/Affiliate Clubs appoint «Team Leaders» and each Club «Team Members».

  • BPW members who would like to support their BPW colleagues with Directory registration are requested to contact their Club President.
  • BPW members who would like to be supported in their Directory registration should look for a «Directory Promotion & Support Team Member» for their Club. 

Please find the guidelines for the «Directory Promotion & Support Team», a «Step by Step instruction» and a “User Manual” on the Website.


Why support your BPW colleagues in their registration?

  • For the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2023 (deadline end of January) BPW International will publish the Regions, Federations and Affiliated Clubs with the largest percentage of registered BPW members.
  • BPW is the first international women’s organization which offers its members a digital business card for free; please profit from that unique opportunity.
  • With your registration you also demonstrate the immense competence and influence which our BPW international organization brings together at all levels.

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