Agreement between Salvamento Marítima

Salvamento Marítimo, the Standing Committee for Business, Trade and Technology of BPW International and BPW Madrid sign an Agreement to promote Sustainable Development Goals Nr. 5 and Nr. 10


Madrid, February 3rd 2022

The general director of the Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima, José Luis García Lena, and the chairwoman of the Standing Committee for Business, Trade and Technology of BPW International and of BPW Madrid, Paz Martín Lozano, have signed an agreement this morning to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals No. 5 and No. 10, as well as the 2030 Agenda.

The signing took place at the central services of Salvamento Marítimo, with the presence of José  Luis García Lena, Paz Martín Lozano, José  Antonio Pérez Alonso, Catalina Llorente,

Mónica Mulero Martínez, Montserrat Cano Guitarte, Evangelina Díaz Delgado, Tatiana Legorgeu Bermejo and Isabel Villamayor Valero.

With the signing of this agreement, they are committed to collaborate on the issues of women's development and empowerment, gender equality and sustainable development.

One of the objectives is to promote the presence of women in power and decision-making spaces, as well as to increase the presence of women in the maritime sector.

The aim of the agreement is to carry out different actions that allow the recognition of women's rights as they affect their business activities and to eliminate any discriminatory


Salvamento Marítimo and BPWInternational believe that a world of equality between men and women is possible. A harmonious society in which women and men share access to economic

resources indiscriminately can be achieved and for this they will work together in alliance.

Shipping is a growing business and, historically, it has been a male-dominated sector and the roots of this tradition are still deeply rooted. However, Salvamento Marítimo, through

this agreement, aims to integrate women into the maritime field, to displace that tradition and help women achieve greater representation, more in line with the expectations of the

21st century and the BPW International Business, Trade and Technology Standing Committee Objectives.

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