Report Young BPW Asia Pacific Region Representative Chihuahua Li, Taiwan

Young BPW Asia Pacific Region

  • Contact Young BPW representatives in APR. 
  • Collect Young BPW current situation status (membership numbers in their areas…) in order to properly assess the number of total young BPW in Asia-Pacific Region. 
  • Event Preparation for Young BPW APR 3rd Symposium to hold in Taiwan is in progress April 2023
  • Project 5E, 3C, SDGs.

Young BPW Asia Pacific Region Action Plan

The activities for the triennium shall be based on the International Triennium Theme New actions through cooperation and APR Triennium theme 5E & 3C

(5E Goals: Education, Empowerment, Economy, Elderly, Ecosystem. 

3C Strategies: Creativity, Cooperation, Connections) SDGs.

  • Action Plan 1. YoungBPWAsiaPacificRegionarrangedour1st zoom). 
  • Action Plan 2. YoungBPWAPR3rd SymposiumPlanning). April2023
  • Action Plan 3. Young BPW APR Membership management plan (Recruit and Retain).

Details see below.

Project 5E, 3C, SDGs

Young BPW Taiwan provide online English lessons for BPW Taiwan members. 

Online English Learning Program with SDGs concept. We had started an online English learning program every week since 23rd February to promote our members' English ability and learn the contents of SDGs. Besides daily life English, our members can also learn the concept of SDGs from every lesson. Moreover, the program can help the members to connect with the international partners.


Action Plan (Details)

Action Plan-1 Step - Triennium (2021-2024) 

Young BPW Asia Pacific Region arranged our 1st zoom meeting with the following Agenda:

1. Announcements

1.1 Triennium Theme.

1.2 Asia Pacific Young Representatives Introduction. 

2. Goals and Strategies. (Project 5E, 3C, SDGs)

3. Young BPW APR 3rd Symposium 

4. Asia Pacific Young Representative Regular Meeting Schedule. 

5. Other Business.


Action Plan-2 Step - Triennium(2021-2024)

Young BPW APR 3rd Symposium Planning: 

  1. Identification of the young BPW APR 3rd Symposium organizing group.
  2. Decide the theme based on Triennium Themes, Goals, and Strategies.
  3. Provide the Invited speakers List
  4. Symposium project budget plan and finding financial sponsors from government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), companies and associations. 
  5. Under the guidance of the committee, drafting a precise schedule of the events and activities of the symposium
  6. Once the budget and precise schedule are determined, the next step is selecting the facility and arrange the practical organization of the spaces (conference room, social events, dinners etc.) and the welcoming of the guests.


Action Plan-3 Step - Triennium(2021-2024) 

Young BPW APR Membership management plan (Recruit and Retain).

Due to all of the members joining being under the age of 35, these women are in one of the most busy periods in their life (starting their own business, starting a new family, having children) we want to focus on making young BPW a worthy instrument when in comes to mutual assistance and support between young members.

  1. Inspiring Young BPW Members' especially the young ones, to engage and establish presence on the BPW global scene as well as in their local clubs and regions.
  2. A networking opportunity for the young. Provide for each other international business opportunities, including collaboration on shared business international activities (for example in the field of import/export or skill-sharing).
  3. Team building with the aim of providing mutual counseling and support, among the members, concerning personal and family issues that present similar scenarios and challenges for young women of any country, regardless of the specific local environment.