Report Global Summit 2022 in Bangkok

The Biennial National Convention of the National Federation of BPW Clubs has this year been held in Sacramento. The theme of the event was “Together, again”. 

The Global Summit of Women was devoted to the following theme: “Women: Creating Opportunities in the New Reality”. 

After a Pre-Congress Tour the Summit started with a Ministerial Round on June 23 on “Public/Private Sector Partnership advancing Economic Opportunity for Women and Girls”. 

BPW International invited the present members to a lunch (s. foto) during which we discussed BPW’s International Development and the concerns of the Federations in Asia Pacific.

This was followed by a session on “Doing Business in Thailand”, the opening Ceremony and the Welcome Dinner. On June 24 the conference started with a talk on “Global and National Megatrend”, followed by a male CEO Forum under the title “Managing During Uncertainties”. The afternoon had 2 Breakout sessions which contained each three different presentations ranging from the most effective means to promote Women on Boards, to using Apps to expand Business internationally, to Mentor Dialogue, a Youth Forum as well as to effective virtual presentation. The day closed with a Global Leadership Awards Gala.


The Breakfast Session on June 25 started with the topic “Social Media and Impact on the News” followed by the Women CEO Forum “How ESG Informs Business Strategy”. Some of us were challenged by the following presentation: “Understanding The Virtual Financial Mainstream: Cryptocurrency, Metavers, Esports, NFTs”. The lunch session was dedicated to “How Technology Can Save On-the-Ground Small Businesses”. The Breakout Sessions in the afternoon were structured as the day before, 2 Mentor Dialogues, a very moving and personal discussion on “Health is Wealth: How Well-Being Is Key To Business Success”, another presentation on “Protecting your Business in the Digital Age”, one on “Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce” and “Tapping Business Opportunities in the Silver Economy”. The Summit came to a close with the Closing Ceremony and the Dinner.


It was again a very dense program with excellent high-level speakers and approximately 600 participants. The next Global Summit will take place in Dubai, June 2023.


The Host Committee of Thailand – consisting to a large part of BPW members – did an incredible job. Rarely have I seen such hospitality and care for the participants. Thank you all for this wonderful experience! > Website Global Summit of Women

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