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Support and Opportunity program for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain: Economic Integration of Ukrainian Refugees in the Spanish Economy.

Executive Summary


In BPW Madrid, the Association of Business and Professional Women of Madrid, we are working to promote fraternity, solidarity and the professional empowerment of Business and Professional Women, training in professional potential, leadership and supporting women to reach decision-making positions and to lead a lobby that promotes equal opportunities. We have the only platform for entrepreneurship and economic empowerment for women in Spain.

Since April 28, 2022, we have been working on a program of support and opportunity for Ukrainian refugees in Spain that creates a space that brings these people closer to the normalized systems of social protection through the development of skills that improve their employability; in short, helping them to achieve their personal independence.

The project we are carrying out consists of the design of individual integration itineraries that include a training and employment profile for each of the participants. This itinerary contemplates, from individual diagnoses, integrated actions of orientation, training and labor integration according to the needs, requirements and labour objective to be achieved by each of the participants; this being fundamentally an individual training program through the individualized tutorials that we are undertaking.

Guidance. Defined as  proactive support to people and support to individual, professional and formative decision making, which attempts to reconcile the individual conditions of the participating immigrants with the existing external opportunities. The professional project is defined with tutorial support and prior analysis of employability.

Training. The orientation is being combined with training adapted to the needs of the labor market, which meets the productivity and competitiveness requirements of the participating companies. We want to provide Ukrainian people with theoretical and practical knowledge for the performance of a specific profession. It is being carried out on a face-to-face basis.

Integration. It is established as a formula to accompany Ukrainian people to help them to achieve their labor integration. The objective is to facilitate the connection between people seeking employment and companies in need of workers, and therefore, we are focusing on the preparation for the pre-selection of candidates to cover the business needs of the labor force and post-hiring follow-up to guarantee the adequate incorporation for the position.

It must be considered that the fundamental key of this methodology is the personalization of the intervention so that it is adapted to the needs and interests of each of the participants. This means that not everyone will go through the same phases or receive the same training. Each one decides, in agreement with the counsellor, what interests him/her and is useful for the construction of his/her own integration itinerary.

The orientation and integration phases are not carried out sequentially, but transversally throughout the entire integrated itinerary of socio-labor integration following a work protocol.

Finally, we are working from a gender perspective, valuing the experiences and specific learning for women, questioning the socially imposed gender roles and valuing the experience and learning of women in the personal sphere as important and transferable to the world of work.


Paz Martín, President BPW Madrid, 2022

There are 50 Participants in this program, and the indicators we manage are the following:

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